The farm owns two olive groves, covering an overall area of two hectares with a total of 530 plants.

The oldest is in Villa di Salò, situated in a position that enjoys the warm lake climate yet, due to the difference in altitude, is cooler and breezier, especially in summer. This is important not only because one lives better there, but also for cultivating olives as it reduces the risk of attacks by the dreaded olive fruit fly in years with particularly sultry summers. From the olive-grove, one has a view of the entire length of the gulf of Salò and, on the other side of the lake, the Veneto shore dominated by Monte Baldo.

The second olive grove is in the town of Puegnago del Garda, in the vicinity of Picedo. It is set about 200 meters above the lake on the craggy moraine of the Valtenesi. On four terraces, descending towards the lake, 370 olive trees have been planted according to modern and specialized criteria. Each terrace has been planted with a single variety, so as to facilitate the production of monocultivar olive oil in the future. All terraces offer a magnificent view of Lake Garda with the Toscolano promontory to the north, the Sirmione peninsula to the southeast, Isola di Garda and the Rocca di Manerba in the middle, and the Veneto and Trentino coast on the other side of the lake, from Peschiera to Monte Altissimo.

The cultivated varieties are more than 50% Casaliva, (small and elliptical olive with a persistent green colour, typical of the Garda area), 37% leccino (the fullest, grandest olive trees), 9% pendolino used for its pollinating properties.
There are also some centuries-old plants of Regina del Garda, a native variety which has now almost disappeared, as well as some moraiolo plants
The olive trees are pruned each year, according to the shape of a “polyconic vase” and cultured on grassy ground.


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The Garda DOP extra-virgin olive oil La Cavagnina is available in 0,5 l bottles, in pack of 6. You can buy them directly from the farm in Villa di Salò.
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