Thanks to the climate and environment around Lake Garda, the owners’ passion and their attention to all stages of cultivation and harvest, and the oil-mill’s high standards, the farm produces an outstanding extra-virgin olive oil, GARDA D.O.P. (protected designation of origin), with a perfect balance of lightness and fragrance with excellent sensory qualities, that goes well with any dish without overpowering the flavors.

The short time between harvesting and pressing (within 24 hours) and the high quality of the cooperative oil mill (in which Bruna Pelizzoni is a member for over 30 years), help keep intact flavors and aromas and ensure a consistently excellent quality oil in years.

By virtue of the limited production and the early ripening harvest, the different patterns of agricultural seasonality give our olive oil, from year to year, interesting nuances of aroma, taste and color.
The consequence of all these factors  has resulted in a very low acidity and is an indicator of equally low peroxides.

It is the acidity level that determines the oil’s delicate flavor and digestibility, whereas the peroxides are the parameter that measures the amount of oxygen previously assimilated by the oil at bottling and which expresses its future oxidation, namely the oil’s progressive and natural tendency to deteriorate and to assume unpleasant flavors and odors as it accumulates oxygen during the aging process.

The extra virgin olive oil La Cavagnina is stored in drawn stainless steel tanks, under nitrogen, in an air-conditioned room. The bottling batches, small and frequent, make it possible to deliver a product always fresh and intact.


Our Olio extravergine di oliva GARDA DOP La Cavagnina has been selected by the Slow_Food “Guida agli extra vergini 2016″

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Azienda agricola
La Cavagnina
di Bruna Pelizzoni

Extra vergine di oliva Garda DOP
Extra vergine di oliva italiano

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The Garda DOP extra-virgin olive oil La Cavagnina is available in 0,5 l bottles, in pack of 6. You can buy them directly from the farm in Villa di Salò.
For orders or any further informations please mail us or call+39 335 6791337


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  • Via Cavagnina 5, frazione Villa, 25087 Salò (BS)